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NABU 2022-2 (notes 42-76)

Le dernier numéro de la revue NABU (2022-2) vient de paraître. Vous pouvez le télécharger gratuitement en ligne :



42) N. Ziegler – NABU aura 35 ans et souhaite faire un bilan sur sa vie

43) W. Sallaberger – Fara Notes, 1: Administrative lists identified as dub bar and dub gibil

44) W. Sallaberger – Fara Notes, 2: ĝiri₂ du₃ “to mark out (a field) with a dagger

45) W. Sallaberger – Fara Notes 3: Mariotes in Šuruppag

46) A. Archi – Minima Eblaitica 26: A Point of history: the Death of King Irkab-damu, and the Synchronism between the Death of two Kings of Mari and two Kings of Kakmium

47) J. Keetman – Sieben verkannte Eulen

48) J. Keetman – Die Getreidegöttin Sud

49) N. Veldhuis – A tablet from Drehem

50) S. Richardson – Polishing some Sumerian Jewels

51) A. Hussein Mohsin – The porters list, unpublished text from University of Pennsylvania Museum

52) E. Gehlken – A note on possible initial and final consonantal clusters in Sumerian words

53) N. Linder – The diri-compound SIKI.PA.IB in the Old Babylonian period

54) H. Farber – Was land in Babylonia during the reign of Hammu-rabi a good investment?

55) K. Veenhof – The redaction and interpretation of § 117-118 of the Laws of Hammurabi

56) D. Charpin – En marge d’ARCHIBAB, 36 : le prix des briques cuites à l’époque paléo-babylonienne

57) D. Charpin – En marge d’EcritUr, 21 : à propos de UET 1 275

58) M. Béranger – A Late Old Babylonian list of rations from Dur-Abi-ešuh in the Cotsen collection (Los Angeles)

59) M. Béranger – ‘Open the Granary!’ Ur-Zababa’s Letter to Ṣilli-Šamaš: The Duplicate from the Cotsen Collection

60) B. Mahieu – The Sealand I comprising two lines of 184 years each, with the conquest of Babylon 35 years before its end

61) J. Tavernier – Elamite hutli/hutliš

62) N. Kircil – Middle Hittite Period Tablets: Some Opinions on the KBo 32.114(+)KBo 32.106

63) V. Pisaniello – For an explanation of a peculiar Hittite list of body parts

64) N. A. Corfù – A Kurigalzu Brick Inscription

65) J. Beltz – The Son of King Kurigalzu on a Kassite Prayer Seal

66) K. Isik, B. Genç & R. Kuvanç – An Unpublished Urartian Inscription from Aznavurtepe Temple

67) S. Merlin – Remarques sur la détermination du nom entre lycien et grec d’Asie Mineure

68) M. Ossendrijver – On the unit UŠ = šuššān

69) S. Bojowald – Die Flut und das Vieh im Akkadischen und Ägyptischen

70) N. N. May – Nabû-zuqup-kēnu and Indication of Place of Writing in Neo-Assyrian Colophons

71) A. Elayi & J. Elayi – Sennacherib’s choice of circular/elliptical military camps

72) M. Karlsson – Not one of us (any more): from Nabû-šēzibanni to Pišamelki

73) M. Karlsson – Pabaku: A New Egyptian Name in Cuneiform?

74) M. Jursa –Nabopolassar auditing Eanna’s practice of disbursing barley to prebendary bakers

75) D. Charpin – Une pique de Scheil contre « certain “terrassier” »

76) J. Oelsner – Zu Joachim Oelsner, Der Kodex Ḫammu-rāpi. Textkritische Ausgabe und Übersetzung, Münster 2022 (dubsar 4)